Tuesday, 9 August 2011

2 years later..

Two years ago we moved to this our new home. I have previously blogged about this here. We loved our last home very much. We found the land, we found the design plan, we interviewed the builder, each of the children got to decide which room they would have. We were not locked out as they build our home. We were included and our input was valued by our builder. We grew our home and we planted and moved every piece of soil where we needed it. Brid was born in this home. It was our family home.
So when it came to making the decision to move,  it was hard, very hard. God made that decision, and it took us a while to follow that lead.
He moved us to an area that we never would have considered, but now we see why.
We have been planted among friends, we are being nurtured, and we are in turn nurturing. We were pretty broken when we arrived, but you know no one would have known from the outside. We took refuge here and God has given us new life, in the form of our own resurrection from death.
We have a very comfortable home on around half an acre. We have build and added several features that make us comfortable in our bricks and mortar. These are wonderful and we thank God for providing for us, but only part of our family is here with us.
This is our new family home and one day each of our children will see and love it, like we do. Until then we pray and look after each other.
We keep ourselves nurtured in Gods love.
Since we have been here, we have opened our home to Marriage gatherings monthly. It is growing every month and it inspires and challenges us all.
We have had may types of others gatherings, all Church related and we love opening our home to these types of get togethers.
God has Blessed us abundantly and we are forever indebted to him.
I must also say that St Joseph played a large part in our moving. He saw that our house was sold and we exchanged houses on the same day. We were told we had sold our home on a Marian Feast day. We moved in on the Feast of Transfiguration. So I have no doubt that we had divine intervention with all of this.
We are in the process of Building a Mary Garden and St Joseph is an image you see as you enter our home.
We have been here 2 years thak you Lord.


Sue Elvis said...

What a beautiful home, you have Leanne! St Joseph is certainly looking after you, like he looks after our family. We celebrate 'moving in day' each year. Another chance to bake a cake! I love the sound of your Mary garden.

I have just worked out how to follow your blog even though you don't have a followers gadget. Now I won't miss any of your new posts!

Leanne said...

Thank you Sue, We didn't bake a cake this year- but we had pikelets for lunch as we gardened and cared for our home.
So you have figured out the reader in your dashboard. Yeah!!. its were I catch up with everyones news.
Our Mary garden a work in progress. She patiently waits our next decision.
God bless

Erin said...

So pleased to see where you have been healing{{}} It does sound like you have been planting within your parish:)

Michelle Downunder said...

I am pleased to have enjoyed the hospitality of your home. I love looking around at all the little things you have that reflect the fragrance of Christ. There is no mistaking that your home is dedicated to the Lord.
Smiles Michelle

Leanne said...

thank you Erin, We are planted just were God wants us. We have a lovely group of people who we share life with.

Michelle, Thanks for you Comment. We have loved having you over and enjoying your company. Come again soon, and as Sue says it an excuse to bake a cake.

Gemma French said...

You have a BEE-YOU-TI-FUL home!

God Bless,