Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Girls

Louise and Brid are 10 years apart.
They are so very different, but so very much alike as well. They have similar mannerisms. Louise was very similar to Brid in looks at this age.
Louise was 10 when Brid was born, and she can remember when I was in labour with Brid. She wanted to be present when Brid was born. She was like a little Mummy to her. Somethings never change.
Louise would settle Brid at night, if we didn't hear her. If Brid woke at night sick, she would be there with her, and come and get me when she OK to be left. (the kids rooms were a long way from ours).
Louise takes her role as big sister seriously. She makes sure when she buys gifts for Brid they are significant.
A couple of years ago, Louise paid for Brid to have her ears pierced- with my permission.
Louise chose a gorgeous perfume for Brids' 13th birthday.
As Louise doesn't live here, she likes to have Brid over to stay from time to time, to have girlie time. Thats always special for them both.
They bicker at times and Louise, being the eldest will stamp her authority. This doesn't go down to well with Brid. But as a good sister does she lets it all go and takes it in her stride. At least until, she can chat to me about it.
Sisterly love, its a precious gift, and one I hope they both continue to nuture as there relationship grows.
God Bless you Both 


Erin said...

That's so sweet, I pray my children will maintain close ties.

Natalie said...

How blessed for you all that their relationship is like this. My daughter would love a sister, but she is wonderful to her four brothers, especially the one she is 10 years older than. It's beautiful to see her being a little Mummy to her baby brother.
Thanks for adding me to your list of blogs and for the comment (I am still having trouble replying) - I love discovering more Australian homeschooling blogs.