Sunday, 8 May 2011


To all those Beautiful Blogging Mums out there. May God Bless You abundantly today.


We had a lovely Day. Dermot & Brid spoiled me with Breakfast in bed, and singing Happy Mothers day as I was presented little gifts.
I send off as many texts as I could to friends in my address book, to all  the Mummys I know.
Dermot took charge of Sunday lunch. He needed very little help from me.
Brid set the table beautifully.
Each place had a placecard. Brid loves placing everyone.
Mum Dad and Louise arrived ready to be served and to serve Mum and myself.
So a Roast Chicken feast was in stall for us, with Chocolate cake for dessert.
Coffee and Tea afterwards.
It was lovely to be spoilt today.

Thank you God for the loving caring beautiful family, you have given me.


Beth said...

I'm glad you had a good one! Louise looks so much more like Brid with her hair her natural colour.

Mum2eight said...

Happy mothers day to you too Leanne. We had a great day here.

Sue Elvis said...

I love your new header photo, Leanne. Two beautiful daughters! God bless

Sue Elvis said...

You don't have a followers' gadget either!

Leanne said...

hi sue, no my followers are on my dashboard as are the ones I follow.
Thanks its an adorable photo isn't it?