Thursday, 17 March 2011

Our Lenten Journey

We are one week into our Lenten Journey and apart from using symbols and words like REPENT, SACRIFICE, LENT in strategic areas of the house, and on our Family Alter, we have made a salt dough crown of thorns and a Jesus Tree and Brid has added to her Stations Of the Cross. I must post some photos.
These help us on our journey, and surprisingly enough talking points to visitors in our home.
My Dad loves to see what is new in our liturgical year, he is always asking questions.
Dermot & I are as usual running a Lenten group.

We wanted to do something as a family, so I kept my eye out. We chose these to books. Amon's Adventure is really easy read, but thought provoking.
A family journey with Jesus Through Lent is a really nice daily read and as it doesn't strictly follow the Lenten readings, it can be used year after year for this reason.
So now we have our Lenten readers and all our reminders, we can journey with Jesus

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