Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Our passport to history

We have travelled through time over the years concentrating on the Ancients and using several formats to achieve this.
We have taken a fairly relaxed approach this year.
Mater amabilis started our Journey with both Egpyt and Greece.
Scroll down to find resources to History.
History Links was our choice for Rome as well as Famous men of Rome.
So we used a little of everything as well.
We have always incorporated Living books and picture books and craft activities into the equation as well.
This year we began Medieval History. I have researched various websites and books and I decided on a variety again.
So this time we will use Seton Our Catholic Legacy and Famous men of the middle ages together. bouncing of each other. Several living books here and here.
We are Blessed to know several families who have lent us resources.
We have raided the library, and we have begun our new journey into the Middle Ages.

We are looking at Art Music, food, Culture, Housing, People, and of course the Saints. 

We like to do a lot of our reading on the lounge with the maps and google earth close by, so we can zoom in on areas we are studying. We tend to walk along the streets and take in scenery,  if our passport, google maps, allows us to.  

Its beginning to unfold quite nicely.
WE stopped off our journey. late last year  for a while to visit Early American Indians as above shows.

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