Monday, 21 March 2011

... funny thing happened .........

Well today was the day set down for my Board of Studies interview. I had been preparing and making sure everything was in order. I was quietly confident.
I had a friend, a couple of months ago, help me rename the study areas into BOS language- ie LOTE- foreign language, PHDPE- areas of personal health and physical exercise. That certainly helped me feel better about interview.
So the day came.
I had all our resources we were studying or going to study on the kitchen bench. Its a long bench- plenty of space to display.
I had printed off this years plan and next years as well.
All our library and living books were displayed for easy perusal.
Dermot went to work very early, so he would be at home for the scheduled meeting time.
We prayed today for the meeting to go smoothly and left it in Gods hands.
So Dermot arrived home with 20 minutes to spare. "thank you Lord".
our "appointed person" was on time and Dermot answered the door, followed hot in his heals by Brid and myself.
We welcomed her into our home and into our school area. Brid was asked were she does most of her schooling, and then over to the resources.
Brid quickly took over the interview and thoroughly enjoyed showing our appointed Person all her work, and how we would be doing our work this year. She explained Saxon Maths, She showed her examples of IEW and her magazines she worked on last year.
Every question directed to me Brid answered. I just stood back and watched her do her thing in the end. 

The appointed person(AP), enjoyed interacting with Brid and told her, that she was a confident young lady, at which Brid quietly thanked her. 

Brid was so enthusiastic and was so willing to participate in this interview, it was amazing to observe. 

So my dear Brid took over the interview and it was the funniest thing to have happen. I suppose, it was inevitable that this may occur. She is certainly a happy little homeschooler. 


Mum2eight said...

oh that sounds really great Leanne. I am so glad she did so well.

Leanne said...

I couldn't help but blog about this. It was a precious moment

Renelle said...

That's so good. I'm glad it's all done. I'm feeling a bit nervous about it as ours is coming up in June and I am supposed to register by documentation this year. Any hints? AAARRRGGHHHHH. So happy for you that it is over and went swimmingly. I would have had full confidence in Brid to impress!

Sue Elvis said...

What a great moment, Leanne! Our registration is due. We have to do it by documentation this time and I keep putting off starting on the paperwork. Big sigh!

Leanne said...

Thanks Sue & Renelle & Therese,
Mine is due by documentation next time as well. Is it due before Camp Sue?

Jenny said...

How wonderful for your daughter. It sounds like you are raising a confident young woman.

Sue Elvis said...

Hi Leanne, our registration is due in May but we've been told it could take 3 months to process our application so we're supposed to get the paperwork in as soon as possible. Home visits are so much easier especially when you have a wonderful AP like ours.