Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ride On

Late last year we made a fairly significant purchase. We have quite a big block of land and it was taking Dermot nearly every weekend to mow and maintain it, and that didn't include the gardens. The mowing for long lengths of time over the weekend was stopping our interest gardening. It is something we both enjoy.

So finally Dermot got this little beauty. Brid was ever so excited and couldn't wait to get on for a ride.

It has made all the difference. It now takes Dermot, myself & Brid 3 hours to completely mow, blower vac and finish off our work with a well deserved drink.


Erin said...

What model did you buy? We would love one, the poor boys are mowing about 5 acres with a pushy. Takes about 9 hours.

Leanne said...

Erin, Dermot bought a Rover.. it was being superseded by another model, so it was quite a good price..