Monday, 21 February 2011

An email

Dad and Brid
 Recently we had my parents over for dinner. The topic of conversation was the internet, or My Dad and emails. Mum had been telling me about it late in the week.

He was trying to send and receive an email from my Uncle. Dad isn’t very computer literate, so he just gets a mental blank and gives up. This however, frustrates my Mum.

This time Mum really wanted the email, because it was of the family home in Lorn, in a little village – (or it was), about 30 mins drive from our home.

Dad is a fitter and turner- machinist (they are called these days), by trade. He taught his trade in the Technical College nearby, but left, as the computer age was really coming into full swing. He has his own business, and only really uses the computer as a word processor.

They have a dial up connection; He can’t see the point of broadband and says I have no use for it. My Mum however, loves to look at various sites on the internet, as I help her browse around, while she is visiting us.

So therein lays the problem.

Dermot instructed Dad that evening, on how to email, but Dad didn’t know his email address. I think he just needs practice, and as he thinks there is no need for doing anything “on the computer”, he does simply that. Nothing.

Dermot would gladly put broadband on for them and sort out antivirus protection. We would even lovingly educate them on the ins and outs of the computer world.

So today, I took a stand and said to my Dad. Ok I will be emailing you weekly if not more. I want him to be more familiar with what the internet can do, so the first step. He needs practice and confidence. He will love chatting to Brid on the Emails, and it will encourage him and give him a purpose.

I don’t know where it will lead, but it will be fun trying. He’s a good sport and already has send me an email.

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