Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Australia, Parliament and more

Every year we begin our homeschooling year with Australia, in one form or another.
This year, I decided Brid needed to discover more about Australian Parliament & Government. So I proceeded to write out a list of questions and gather some links.
I wrote down basic questions to start with, knowing she would want to research and investigate various areas. The questions were:-Who is our PM, What council do we belong to, Who is the Local Mayor, How is a Bill passed, what type of government system do we have???? etc. These are random- they were set out much neater and in order.
I had a few links to various kid friendly sites like this as well.
This has been quite a worthwhile project. I have not assisted in this one at all. Brid has had a vision for it and has set out to achieve that goal by herself. I have been banished from the school area, so she can surprise me. So tomorrow is the day it must be completed. From the little peek I have had its looking good.

Parliament House, Canberra.

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