Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Last week....

It was an unusual week. Firstly getting over the very late night coming home from the Canonisation events.

Dermot was sick with a Flu all week. So between looking after him, running the business in his absence and schooling Brid, it was a big week.

Our Unit study on American Indians is going well. Still enthusiasm and enjoyment. We are now putting together the Lapbook, and it means lots of cutting sticking and creativity.

We began our next Saxon Maths book, with Brid wanting to attempt 2 lessons for the first week. That was Ok with me, but by day 3, I could see her concentration waining. Now when I say 2 lessons, they are fairly easy, as they review the last book, so I choose some questions from the lesson for Brid to complete. So maybe 20- 22 questions in total. But then we were back to one lesson a day.

We have a new piano teacher and she has certainly inspired Brid. She is teaching her some new skills and motivating her to play harder pieces. Brid is up for the challenge. Brids 'last piano teacher was lovely and we have only moved on because her Hisband has taken work in another city.

I am continuing to tackle the yards and getting it straightened out by summer.

We are watching our plants grow in our pots. I am going to add more this weekend....it rained so this didn't happen.

We watched Brids ballet rehearsal on Sunday. Very sweet.

Louise popped in and we made bags for her Irish Dancing shoes.

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