Monday, 1 November 2010

All Saints Day- happy feast day

Today at Mass our Priest started his homily talking about the celebrities on the front of the magaazines and how shallow the life is.. people make them there heroes.. he ended his homily by saying the lives of the Saints are so rich.. we should be aspiring to be like these Holy people, because they are in Christ...
Praise God for his words.

Late last week we made a family poster of all the Saints who intercede for us in various ways.
We added them to the Litany of Saints we will say later today.
they include St Mary Magdalene, St Elizabeth of Hunguary, St Nicholas, St Therese of Liseux, St Teresa of Avila and St Paul. These are our Saints we chose for our Confirmation, and then there are Saints dear to our hearts.
There are others we ask to intercede for us for our various childrens needs.
We asked St Joseph to help find us a home last year and he did.
We will honour each of these Saints on there feast days throughout the year. I hope this image is clear enough for you to see and recognise our family Saints


Sue Elvis said...

I see St Joseph found your house for you. He found ours too. Please share your story.

Leanne said...

I will share it, It is in the archives Aug 2009, but I will share it again