Monday, 18 October 2010

whats happening in this part of the woods

Its been a pretty quite 2 week school holiday after 2 homeschool camps. We just stayed low and 'hung out' at home.
But I have put some muscles to work and weeded all our gardens and gotten rid of some of the weeds in the lawn. It has been very difficult to get outside with workmen in our yard for several months, and the amount of rain we have had this last 6 months.
So now its time to reclaim our land.
So I have found the BBQ cover that was hidden under lots of rubble, and wow I found some useful aluminiun corners left over from the shed building.
So this week, I can report to weeding 3 long long gardens with Brid. We now can see where we need to plant some shrubs. They have been waiting for 12 months in there pots. Hope they will be OK.
We have discussed and designed our vege garden. I got a little ahead of myself and planted several herbs in pots. Couldn't wait.
So would you like to see what I have found.
the weeds from some of the gardens
some of the plants pottted

my BBQ cover drying and ready to place on bbq
one of our water tanks required by council

Our Lady overseeing all the Work

This is what the builders were building

A jump in together

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