Monday, 19 April 2010

Life in Our busy home

Just a quick post
We have been enjoying friends from UKs' company over the last couple of weeks and fly to Northen Territory this week. We are all very excited. Today I am resting I have an awful Head cold.
We have just come back from Fitzroy falls camp and had a very peaceful and special Homeschool camp. I found it very strange that Dermot didn't send me my morning txt, and I was feeling a little low about this. BUT on Thursday lunch time Dermot surprised both Brid and myself by driving to camp to join us, just for one day and night. I saw him walking toward me, and just cried tears of joy and exitement. I held him very tight and was just feeling very loved and special, that he had made the effort to come to be with us. Brid was delighted and had a huge smile on her face.
So why did he not txt, he was busy working and finishing off different jobs, so he was free to join us. He is so caring.

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CatholicConvert said...

It was wonderful to meet him.

Happy (late) birthday.