Thursday, 4 December 2008

Crafty Brid

We have had a lot of well deserved craft fun this week. So again while Christmas carols playing, and Brid encouraging me to harmonise with her we started ...... this.....

Brid has been gathering craft ideas over the last few weeks. With ideas flowing back and forth between us, soooo in between readers, Advent lapbooking, we have been secretly ssshhh! been getting Brids' Christmas presents together.
She is painting plywood discs to put pictures on for each family member, wrapping them and putting them away in a secret hiding place.

I like 'doing' sewing from my head, let me rephrase, I rarely use patterns, which gets me into trouble when I am teaching an eager beaver, like Brid to sew. Yesterday, she made an apron, and we made it up as we went along. But it looks wonderful, and guess what Brid did 90% by herself, just me sitting next to her explaining how to move her fingers with the sewing machine.

Christmas Dress:
Brid picked out some material for her Christmas dress, so we will tackle that next week.

Skirt, first of many:-
SO along with my pattern and idea in my head- I made Brid a skirt, UUmm from another skirt, just lengthtened it. altered it along the way, and found a little frill for the hemline. Her Skirt is above- she wore it proudly to Mass today.
So here as you see are the photos as promised.


Purpleflowerpatch said...

You're a wonderful mum, Leanne! Teaching Brid to sew is a gift she will always be able to use. :-) Looking forward to pictures....

Therese said...

great looking apron. I am always too scared to sew without a pattern. Maybe I could try it with something like a apron though.

Is Brid short for Bridgette? We have a Brigette and she loves sewing with me.

Purpleflowerpatch said...

You clever young lady!!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I try to teach my daughter to use patterns and draft; but mainly, to treat fabric like clay and free the mind up to create! You are doing a wonderful job by teaching her to create!

May God Bless you all!

In Nomine Domini, Adrienne

Leanne said...

Brid is short for nothing. We have cousin in Ireland called Brid- and we loved the name long before our Brid blessed our lives.
Adrienne, Yes that is it. its like getting in tune with an instrument. I am inspired to keep creating.