Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas Cooking

Christmas Cake.
White Christmas and Shortbread on the right.

Well we cooked lots of things this week including Shortbread, Christmas Cake- finally, and White Christmas.

Shortbread is a favourite of our family. It was made Monday and now we have just 2 pieces left-and everyone says- 'not I '. We shall just make more. You see I don't roll it, I put it straight into a foiled lined tin, score it, and straight in the Oven. It's very soft and light , and obviously moreish!!

The Christmas cake is something I have made since I was 17, even when we lived in the UK. I asked Mum to send the recipe over. I made 3 the year I was in the UK. My Dad and I love it, so its worth making. I divide the cake up on the day. Half for me, and half for my Mum & Dad.

White Christmas is one the kids like to make by themselves, and Brid is no exception. She added everything, but the Copha.
She made this one by herself, we will take it to Sydney Homeschool group tomorrow, for the Christmas party.

So guess what we will be doing on the weekend, making more of everything, except my cake. It gets cut Christmas Day. It needs to have regular 'drinks' of sherry for a few days.
So now Christmas Shopping is complete- Just a quilt to put together-, we can concentrate on the real important things. MORE Christmas Cooking, craft and sewing and and and ....... lots of fun.

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Yummy,Yummy. Can I come over for a little sample?????