Sunday, 21 December 2008

Carols in the Domain

Tonight we are exhausted but full of Joy.
Yesterday we decided at the 'last minute' to go to Carols in the Domain. Now anyone who knows me, knows I love Carols, and watch it every year. I also say every year, I would love to go, but this year we actually did go. It was sensational. We couldn't find a spot to sit down at first because it was packed, but we made the best of it. One of the organisers said it was the biggest crowd they had ever had.
Brid danced and sang and just got caught up in the atmosphere. So did we.
We decided to stay overnight, so this morning we went to Mass at St Marys' Cathedral @ 10.30am. And if anyone knows Dermot & I, yes that is about the right time for us to go to Mass- we are not early risers-(we have trained all our kids to get up late. Much to the surprise of many. )
Mass was a High Solemn Mass, and it was really beautiful. Of course next was the Cathedral Shop- we found the perfect Christmas Nativity decoration.
I left the rest of the day up to Dermot. What would we do??
So Centrepoint Tower it was. I browsed a shop or two, but he had a plan. He got us Skywalking tickets Wow!, on Centrepoint Tower, I was pretty excited, and so was Brid. Brid remembers the 1st Aussie series of 'The Biggest Looser' - and how they Skywalked around the tower. So we got suited up, and out onto the tallest Tower in Sydney- Awesome- I am not scared of heights at all, and this was so incredible, just to be doing this.
Brid had many questions for the guide, and when I load on the photos onto my computer, I will post photos. We were all attached to a rail, so we could jump up and down on the glass and it was strong enough to support us all.
Afterwards we walked to The Rocks, Firstly to the Irish shop and then, to our favourite watering hole- The Mercantile Hotel- or Molly Malones as we call it. It has the best Guinness, Dermot tells me.
There was Irish music playing, and as Brid learns Irish dancing, we said it would be OK for her to do a Reel and Slip Jig in front of the Musicians. She enjoyed herself, the musicians had a smile on there faces as well. Brid is a born entertainer.
Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend. Something we have wanted to do for many years.
It was too hard to organise when we had little ones.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the best times are had in moments of spontaneity! I am very curious as to what exactly this sky walking thing is. Are youa ctually out in the elements on top of the building attached to it via rope?? If so, I'll leave that kind of adventuring up to you!

I can just see brid dancing about in front of the musicians!!!


Purpleflowerpatch said...

What a fantastic time you all had!! Yay! \o/