Saturday, 15 November 2008


On Fridays, we have always finished our school week with Mass. In the last few months we have discovered Latin Mass. I find it very peaceful and moving. When I first heard about it, my internal barriers came up. You see, I am charasmatic my nature. I enjoy singing and clapping and praising God in a very open way. I love praise music like Planetshakers, Third Day, Rebecca St James. etc...
I belief that God has been bringing me on a journey with him over the last few years. I began discovering Our Lord again some 12 years ago and since then he has led me on an amazing journey with him. Part of this is that its OK to just 'Be still' and adore him internally in the Mass- This is best achieved in a Latin Mass.
I then started thinking, how does this all fit together. Easy, just "Let me(Jesus) lead you". I suppose it is all about Trust. Trusting God has my journey mapped out, which I know in my head, but in reflection I can now see it. So on Fridays we go to either a Latin or an 'English' mass- a Brid calls it, depending on whether we go to Sydney, with friends or stay here in 'Our Town'. Either way its OK because each has its own individual beauty.
The days we stay in 'Our Town', we go and do something special together, and the days we go to Sydney we enjoy lots of other homeschoolers company.

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