Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What is the season of Lent like for us.

The first week of Lent- we are in the midst of the Wilderness with Our Lord- our own desert.

We have set up our prayer spaces. One for the school area and one in our sitting room.
We spend a lot of time in this room, as we have minimalised our TV usage. That in itself is hard.
People ask, did you see this.... and we say no.... we don't watch it.... it reminds me of the school hard pressure, when I was asked did you watch blah blah last night?..... Its very freeing.

We are running a Lenten group from our home together, this year. We have in the past participated in seperate male & female groups, but it can make Lent very busy, and its nice to faciliate this group together. So a Sacred space in our sitting room will be a focal point in this Lenten journey.

Apart from Lent, The Lord is showing us the way, in our new parish. Brid is alter serving, we are making contributions with music, and other roles we have always played in the church. He is leading us gently into this parish, and we need to Trust his ways.

We are learning the ways other parishes and priests celebrate Lent and the seasons of the year.
I have to keep my mouth zipped often, as I learn the way I once knew, was just that one way.

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