Sunday, 7 February 2010

Come Follow me and I will make you fishers of men..

This weeks Gospel reading talks about Following Jesus now just as we are . Leaving our old life and following him into his will for us.

This in itself can be hard to do, especially in this day and age of job insecurity, but we are called to do just that. Trust and follow him.

He didn't say it would be easy, but he would bless us for our obedience.

So everytime we say our Yes, we are obeying his plan for us. We are leaving our old ways, and embracing the will of God.

Just like Our Lady, at the Annunication, she knew this would be a big ask, but in her obedience, she did his will, just as we must do.

So I just Love this reading, because it is a reminder in trusting, obeying and waiting for what comes next.

We have had a very hard journey over the last few years, but it makes it easier knowing God has it all in hand, and we only need to Trust in him.

So as the song goes... Come follow me and will make you become fishers of people, light of the world, salt of the earth, so pick up you cross and follow me....

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Renelle said...

Hi Leanne,
I go to a Bible study once a week here in Clarence Town and we are studying the psalms at the moment. Something that stood out to me this week is in Ps 37:3-7,18 & 23
Be encouraged, I know you know that our Father God know yours and my steps and He will direct our paths, when we simply do say YES in our reslove to follow Him. Thanks for reminding me again.
Take care, Renelle