Thursday, 28 January 2010

never rains but it pours

It never rains but it pours at our place.
At the moment we have Louise staying with us until she finds a rental place in town- close to work and Uni. She has gone today looking at a place- sharing with people we know. Could be good.
We have our pool being worked on. Its at reinforcing stage and pipe work- Brid has made lots of videos and photos for her blog.
And this week, we noticed the septic tank was making a funny noise and a little on the nose. So we had it emptied and had the motor fixed, or so we thought. It didn't 'kick in', as they say, so we await a new pump- today.
I was going in to town today to get supplies and pick up Brid from her grandparents. But now I am waiting for the repair to be done. Actually it has been a very interesting procedure, as now at least we know a little more about septic systems.
And the Pool, it is happily going along fine, except when we get rain deluging down!! But hey we need the rain, so I can't complain.
So who will pick up Brid????- my dear Louise said she would. Sisterly love.

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