Monday, 25 January 2010

Its gone too fast

Well its nearly the beginning of school. I can't believe it has gone so quickly. We have had a very relaxing holiday and have enjoyed some great moments together, as a family. So next week we begin.
I have changed our daily, weekly timetable, with much consultation from the student and my dearest husband . It is much more streamlined, and this means more flexibility and much more time to include other avenues.
We have decided to give 'English' the big flick, purse' . We have spend years doing grammar and getting spelling correct. For what!! to complete and know a list!!
After much rethinking, we have come up with a writing plan, and this will be over all subjects. It is exciting to embark on a new learning teaching style. Would I call it a learning teaching style. Maybe. We have just felt our way, and now it time, to let go of, some more Schoolie restraints. I feel as though the weight has been lifted off our shoulders, but particularly mine.
We did begin this process last year.
Brid has been blogging, writing letters and jotting in her diary. This has given her confidence.
She has been very unsure of her writing and spelling abilities, in the past. This continued, even with lots of affirmation, but something changed early last year, and she shook off that negative attitude. Once she knew she could do it, it was no stopping her.
So Avid reader meets avid writer, what will be the outcome?????
This term, as always, we embark on a deeper journey about our Sunburnt country- Australia. We will travel around Australia, using maps, google earth and books to help us. We have friends coming from the UK, so we will be 'travelling' around with them, at the end of term. Brid will read "The Black Dress'- about Bl Mary McKillop. We have always concentrated on Bl Mary McKillop at this time every year, using resources from the St Josephs' centre, in Sydney.

So here we come school year 2010.


Aussie Therese said...

The summer holidays have gone very fast. I think I would like another week or two.

I am glad though that we will have a chance to establish routine before baby comes. Hopefully the baby won't interfere with our routine once I bring him home.

Erin said...


Great plans:) So what happens when avid reader meets avid writer? this can
local 17 yr old who hardly ever wrote scripted lessons but can write like this when she wants!!
Are you coming up this way on your trip? You are most welcome, may not be glamorous but we'd love to have you.