Monday, 2 November 2009

The Mint

While I was being inspired by Diana Waring, Brid & Dermot went off to explore Canberra.
One place they visited was the Mint. Brid had our camera, so she really made the Mint come alive for herself. she clicked on everything she was interested in.

The 2000 Olympiad Games medals

Brids' pressed Coin. Our older children all have one which they pressed when they visited Canberra many years ago. They are in a plastic sleeve untouched. Now they all have one.

Coin for Bl Mary McKillop. Pray it won't be long before she becomes a Saint.
Brid promised her sister, she would take heaps of photos, so she could 'be' there, so when we returned Brid relived her trip with her sister photo by photo. she lived up to her promise.
Sisterly love.

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