Friday, 13 November 2009

A change in the air

Well its 5 weeks into term. We are one week from finishing our Maths for the year. We will have had a huge week, as usual, with our teens, but this week Brid & I had a chat. She wanted to do much more craft. Hey, how do I fit it in??? Easy, make room.
Therefore, Brid has begun a project for Advent. She is doing a mix between a Jesse Tree and an Advent calendar.
Today, we purchased the material, and have figured out how to put all the figures onto the frame.
She has been very inspired as I navigate her around a couple of my favourite creative bloggers. Thank you Ladies.
We are winding down our bookwork, and finishing off topics.
I love Term 4, But I like it more as Brid takes a little more control of her school day.
She has sat with me and we decided on what our course of action, would be over the next month.

But my friends, I will fill you in after the weekend. Brid has her first Piano school Recital. Wow!
We are excited as she has put in lots of hard work.
Good luck, my Princess.

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