Friday, 17 September 2010

My Grandfathers Birthday

My sweet lovable Grandfather was born today in a little town called Clarencetown. Grandfather was born Arthur Sullivan in 1914, and married his beloved wife Audrey in 1943. They were blessed with one goegeous daughter, the apple of his eye- my Mum.
He was always a very quite private man and kept to himself, but had a huge heart.
I remember when I went overseas in 1985, he gave me all that was in his wallet. $20.00. I knew it wouldn't go very far, but you know what, I came home with that $20.00 because of how he handed it to me, with such generosity.
He would always take to do the chores with him on a Saturday morning 'down town'-  I remember the butcher having sawdust on the floor, and on a Sunday he would cook my Nanna and myself breakfast after we came home (in a taxi), from 7am Mass.
Grandfather kept Orchids and they are in bloom right now. We still have many many pots of Orchids and every time they flower I remember my Grandfather.
Grandfather died in 2004, just before his birthday. He was a widower for near 20 years, My Nanna died 3 months before she could get a chance to meet Dermot- my dear sweet husband.
I will always love you and remember you my dear Grandfather. God Bless you

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