Friday, 17 July 2009

Midwifery, choices and Homebirths

I was reading through my blog list yesterday and was alerted to the post, at Signs and wonders.
I am a midwife and also have had 3 homebirths of my own.
I was appalled to think that this government can take things this far and ban homebirths.
What are they thinking, it will only promote the people wanting homebirths to 'go underground', and unregistered and unsafe practice. This is the exact reason why it should be a choice, for parents considering birth choices.
I am a firm believer in choice for birth, as it makes for a happy mother and a better outcome for birth.
Here in the Hunter Valley where I live, we had 11 midwifes several years ago,at different stages of certification for independent practice. It is also the area where the pilot study of midwifery teams was conducted. And what was there conclusion- that one on one care can reduce the need for intervention with 'high risk' cases- . this then sends the message, a women pregnant and in labour is not sick, just having a natural event in her life. So why take the choice away!!!!!
bureaucracy gone mad is my opinion. Many years ago the government passed a bill to allow trained nurses, not midwifes to work in labour wards- this was the bill of April 11, 1992. I remember because I lobbyed against it. Just like we should all do now.
This is something that will affect us all. Another choice being taken away from us!!!!
I wouldn't hesitate to have another homebirth.
There is a time and place for intervention, and yes there are women and babies in utero, who require this, but why take away a choice, overload our already overloaded delivery suites, with natural births, when majority of homebirths are 'low risk'. Midwifes are trained to be alerted to problems, and all the ones I know have a sense of inpending complications and will 'bail out', if any issues arise.
I won't go on, but please sign the petition on lyns blog. Its on the sidebar- signs and wonders.
Bless you Lyn.


Marilyn Rodrigues said...

Banning it outright seems heavy handed. The best situation would probably be to give women as much information as possible about the options, ensure proper regulation of midwives etc.
The hospital system is pretty overburdened already. I wonder what prompted the change? said...

Fear! is what I believe motivates these decisions. No doubt one homebirth has gone wrong and now all are tarred with the same brush.

I think you are right people will go underground--If they are committed to their philosophy.

Medicine is on a very slippery slope. People want to sue if things go wrong. They cry "Someone is to blame! And it ain't me"

Difficult decisions! I would hate to be a politician-I'm too politically incorrect.

Leanne said...

Michelle, it is a very scarry decision and one I wish they would leave alone. It choice that is important, not there dots on red tape. Choice for the Mum family baby. its beautiful experience birthing at home. Thanks for commenting